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About Us

We Build for a Better Tomorow


Stryde Landscapes

Stryde Landscapes is a family owned and operated business. We’ve been landscaping since 2012 and have completed over 345 projects for clients around the province of Saskatchewan. What started with a dream and a skid steer, has now evolved into an operation of over 30 pieces of equipment including trucks, trailers, machines, and attachments to ensure each project is done properly and efficiently.

We take pride in the work we do and have a vested interest in building longstanding relationships with our clients. We personally install or oversee all our projects – from start to finish. Our team members are some of the best people around, and we consider them family.


Since 2012, we have continued to learn and develop skills and expertise that allow us to complete a wide variety of projects. From stone patios with custom cut inlays, water features, seat walls, to simple decorative beds, we can take your dream and make it a reality. We also install and maintain outdoor lighting and irrigation systems. In addition, we’ve completed over 20 projects for commercial clients.  

We’ve gained a lot of experience over the years. And one thing has helped us meet or exceed expectations time and time again: 



The three things that mean the most to us at Stryde Landscapes are: attention to detail, customer service and giving back.

A drive to learn more and be a better business than we were yesterday.

Attention to Detail

Details. Details. Details. Everyone in Stryde believes if we look after the small details, the end result will be phenomenal! We take pride in the projects we complete ensuring our clients expectations are met or exceeded.

Customer Service

We believe in doing what we say and fulfilling our promises to our customers to the best of our ability. We strive to provide you with an experience you will always remember! 

Giving Back

What good is it to have gained but share nothing? It is Stryde's belief that we must be a benefit to as many as we can. From community projects to donations we want to be a help at home and abroad!

We love that the landscaping industry will always throw challenges our way and we are happy to meet them!

About the Owner's

Hey I'm Lucas

I was Born in Prince George, B.C., but spent most of my childhood in Saskatchewan on a horse ranch near Drake. My love of the outdoors and horses has led me to many mountain ranges, from the Sierra Madre in Mexico to the Ogilvie mountains in the Yukon. In more recent years, Kristy, my wife, and I have enjoyed cowboy mounted shooting. Yes, we shoot guns off our horses while running as fast as we can through patterns. If you haven't seen it, you should!

If we are not working on your project, you will most likely find us honing our shooting skills at home or on the road to a competition! Kristy, my life's greatest blessing, gave birth to our first daughter, Remi Thiessen! So, in addition to looking out for the needs of everyone and making sure I trim my beard eventually, I get to watch Kristy be an amazing mother. We are certainly those proud parents who brag about our girl. Yes, little Remi has, at the time of this picture, ridden a horse and operated a skid-steer (kind of). 

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